Maire Corcoran Ragozzine, JD, CHC, CHPC

M-Ragozzine_DSC1019-Low-Res.jpgFunction in the hospital: Maire is the chief compliance officer for EMMC. In her role, Maire is responsible for oversight of the organization’s compliance program and also serves as EMMC’s privacy officer.
The road to here: Maire received her undergraduate degree from the University of Virginia and a law degree from the College of William & Mary. She has also been certified in Healthcare Compliance and Healthcare Privacy Compliance. From college, she entered private practice at a law firm in Portland, ME. Maire moved to Bangor, ME when she accepted a position in the legal department for EMMC’s parent system, EMHS. Maire assumed her role as chief compliance officer at EMMC in June 2015.
What she's trying to do: Maire is fostering teamwork at EMMC to build and maintain a compliance program that advances the care of patients at EMMC.
Guiding principle: Hard work and respect for others guides Maire’s approach to work.