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Life of EMMC - A Poem by Bilal M. Quraishi

The journey began in 1892 with a few beds
Fragrance of Bangor General Hospital spreads.
World War II was sad
And filled with pain
We shared what we had
And served with love with no complain.

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The First Cardiac Step-Down Unit - By Cindy Whited

The first Cardiac Step-Down unit was Haskell 3. We admitted patients the night before their heart catheterization, gave them education and other preparatory procedures, then they went to the Cath Lab which was in Radiology in the "Specials Room." A big day was four heart catheterizations, and part of the nursing care included accompanying the patient by ambulance to Portland the next day for coronary artery bypass grafting if indicated. Dr. Joe Wise, Dr. Robert Hoffmann, and Dr. Robert Allen were the ones that did the catheterizations.

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