Allen L’Italien, RN

Function in the hospital: As the director for cancer services, Allen is responsible for patient care services, including diagnostic services as provided by EMMC’s Breast and Osteoporosis Center, Medical Oncology and Hematology, Radiation Oncology, Oncology Research, Inpatient Oncology, Cancer Genetics Counseling, and Cancer Outreach services. A major focus for Allen is to ensure that all individuals in our service area have access to high quality, state-of-the-art cancer and hematology care without the need to travel out of Maine to receive care.

The road to here: Allen grew up in the Acadian culture of Northern Maine. Healthcare has been part of his life from the time he was in the eighth grade; working at what was once Northern Maine General Hospital during the summers. After a three-year stint working at a major hospital in Hartford, Connecticut, Allen returned to Maine. He eventually started as a nurse’s aid on the inpatient oncology unit in 1981. Seeing the need to increase his ability to better help patients with cancer; Allen earned his RN and BSN in 1986 and has had progressive roles since that time.

What He’s Trying to Do: Allen is committed to maintaining and expanding access to university-level oncology care in our region. Likewise, he has a high level interest in expanding opportunities for Maine citizens to be able to participate in leading clinical trials so that patients without good treatment options may choose new drugs and therapies before they become commercially available. He is also vested in implementing research findings in the community when applicable, such as cancer genetic risk counseling as well as prevention and early detection strategies.

Guiding principle: Allen believes in hard work, fairness, humility, and loyalty. Striving to meet the challenges of an ever-increasing population surviving with cancer is rewarding. Every day he looks forward to achieving significant gains in the war against an enemy that targets one out of every two men and one out of every three women in Maine. Attracting and keeping highly-qualified clinicians at EMMC to meet all oncology needs is “rewarding and worthwhile work.”

Proudest accomplishments: "Seeing the transition of the diagnosis of 'cancer' being transformed from one with some hope but a lot of distress along with it to one where now a majority of the patients win their battle, with a great deal less distress than when I first came to EMMC. The program’s movement from standard treatments to innovative treatments and care that required travel to Boston or New York just seven years ago. The ability of the program to attract and keep brilliant oncologists who love making a true difference in peoples’ lives. The opening of the State’s best designed and most comprehensive cancer center."

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