James A. Raczek, MD

Function in the hospital: As EMMC's senior vice president of and chief medical officer, Dr. Raczek is responsible for all administrative activities associated with the operation of the physicians with privileges to practice at EMMC. This includes facilitating the credentialing and privileging process, the medical oversight of services offered by the medical center, and management of the physician offices that are part of Eastern Maine Medical Center. Dr. Raczek brings a unique and diverse set of perspectives to this work, having served in many capacities over his tenure in Bangor.

Many challenges face today's physician. The demands of the job are growing, while reimbursement for the work declines. Difficulty in recruiting new physicians to the community puts added pressure on the existing medical staff, reducing their ability to enjoy the lifestyle that brought many of them to Maine. Dr. Raczek is working with the medical staff, administration, and the Board of Trustees to find solutions for these kinds of challenges, essential to developing and maintaining a working environment conducive to the quality care at the heart of EMMC's mission.

The road to here: Dr. Raczek moved to Bangor to become the director of the EMMC Family Practice Residency Program in August of 1988. In that position he rebuilt the residency and, over the years, contributed to the training of nearly one hundred physicians enrolled in the program.

In April of 1999, Dr. Raczek stepped up to become chief of the EMMC Family Practice Service in addition to patient care administrator for EMMC Pharmacy Service and the Diabetes, Endocrine & Nutrition Center.

In June of 1999, Dr. Raczek was elected vice president of the EMMC medical staff and two years later was elected president.

In June of 2003, Dr. Raczek was hired as EMMC's first chief medical officer, stepping down from his most recent role as vice president for Quality and Care Management.

Dr. Raczek took on the dual role of EMMC's senior vice president of operations and chief medical officer in January of 2012 until EMMC added a separate chief operating officer role in 2014, allowing Dr. Raczek to direct the majority of his time and attention to advancing the development of EMMC’s medical group as EMMC senior vice president and chief medical officer.

Throughout, Dr. Raczek has continued to see a small group of patients at the EMMC Family Medicine Center and Residency and to teach residents in his role as a part-time faculty member, periodically precepting in the EMMC Family Medicine Center and Residency and serving as an attending physician on the Adult Medicine Teaching Service.

Dr. Raczek graduated with a medical degree from the University of Wisconsin, also completing a family practice residency program at that institution. Dr. Raczek practiced for three years in the United States Air Force near Omaha, Nebraska and then served on the faculty at the Marquette Family Practice Residency Program in Marquette, Michigan before arriving in Bangor.

What he's trying to do: His focus on family medicine and its role in a tertiary care center, combined with his history in medical staff and administrative roles, puts Dr. Raczek in a unique and valuable position to bring multiple points of view to the issues facing the medical center.

"Probably no one knows better than I that different individuals come at issues from different viewpoints. I come at most from three or four myself," observes Dr. Raczek. "I try to bring those perspectives to medical staff and administrative discussions and help find that delicate balance intrinsic to the successful management of issues as complex as those that are faced in healthcare today."

Guiding principle: "I try to apply fairness and honesty to all situations."

Proudest accomplishments: "Being chosen as Teacher of the Year four times during my career as a faculty member in residency programs."