3D Technology

Early detection and diagnosis are the keys to beating breast cancer. You can have peace of mind knowing that Eastern Maine Medical Center offers the latest 3D breast cancer detection and diagnosis tools right here in Bangor.
3D Mammography
Eastern Maine Medical Center now offers 3D mammography, also known as breast tomosynthesis, to women who are having a baseline mammogram or who have breast abnormalities or dense breasts. The 3D technology allows doctors to see through layers of tissue. With this technology, doctors can detect smaller abnormalities. One important benefit of 3D mammography will be fewer “call backs” for additional testing.
ThinkstockPhotos-531416756.jpgWhere is 3D mammography offered?
This technology is now available at Eastern Maine Medical Center’s State Street hospital and at the Imaging Center inside the Union Street Healthcare Mall. Eastern Maine Medical Center continues to offer standard digital mammograms in addition to 3D mammography.

What is the right type of mammogram for me?

Your doctor can help you determine what type of mammogram is right for you. The Breast and Osteoporosis Center is also a good resource and can be reached by calling 973-8103.
Is 3D mammography covered by insurance?

Please contact your insurance provider for more information about what is covered under your plan. Patients whose insurance provides coverage for a standard digital mammography but not the 3D component will be billed an additional $50 for the 3D component.
3D-Guided Breast Biopsy
3D-guided breast biopsy uses advanced x-ray technology to gather very small tissue samples from the breast after an abnormality is found during a mammogram. This minimally invasive procedure allows physicians to visualize areas deep inside breast tissue that cannot be accessed by 2D-guided technology alone which has been the standard for many years. In some cases, the 3D technology can help women avoid invasive surgery to receive a diagnosis. This technology helps doctors find cancer sooner. This technology is available now to all patients who receive an image-guided breast biopsy.

For more information about our new technology and how to schedule a referral, please contact the Breast and Osteoporosis Center at 973-8103.