Cancer Treatment Options

At EMMC's cancer treatment center, each patient receives a personalized treatment plan to ensure the best quality care. Our team of specialists will find the best cancer treatment options and support resources for each patient. The goal is to provide as much information to our patients as possible, so that they are able to explore all of their options and make informed decisions.

EMMC focuses on non-invasive cancer treatment techniques, such as medicine and radiation. When necessary, EMMC cancer speciality clinics offer several cancer treatment options.

Specialty Clinics:

  • Medical Oncology -This branch of oncology specializes in the treatment of cancer with medicines – chemotherapy, biologics, and hormones.
  • Radiation Oncology - This branch of oncology specializes in radiation therapy.
  • Hematology - This is the study of blood related diseases, including prevention and treatment.
  • Breast and Osteoporosis Center - EMMC offers a speciality clinic for diagnosing, treating, and preventing cancers of the breast and bone.
  • Photophoresis - This is a form of immunotherapy and EMMC is the only clinic that offers this progressive treatment in Maine.