About Medical Oncology

Oncology is the branch of medicine that studies tumors (cancer) and seeks to understand their development, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention. A medical professional who practices oncology is an oncologist. The term originates from the Greek onkos (ογκος), meaning bulk, mass, or tumor and the suffix -ology, meaning "study of." A medical oncologist is a physician who has studied and is trained in the treatment of cancer with medicines – chemotherapy, biologics, and hormones.

To demonstrate knowledge and expertise, medical oncologists are board certified in their specialty. At EMMC Cancer Care physicians are employed by Eastern Maine Medical Center to work as medical oncologists. Their offices are located in EMMC Cancer Care. They can be reached by calling 207-973-7478.

Our medical oncologists also provide physician services at our outreach locations.

From time to time our medical oncology physician staff is augmented by visiting oncologists. Each is also specialized in meeting the needs of individuals and families with cancer.

Each person’s care needs are unique. Our physicians pride themselves in their commitment to an individualized approach to care. Communication is an important part of working with you as part of your care team.

Our Physician Assistants, Nurse Practitioners and Pharmacists are also important members of your team. They welcome your questions; they want to understand your concerns. Together with you they will build a plan to best meet your needs and those of your family.