Advanced Technology

EMMC Cancer Care's center includes upgraded radiation treatment and simulation cancer care technologies, which are the first of their kind in Maine. New technologies include:

·       RapidArc, which was approved by the FDA in January 2008 and delivers ultra-precise image-guided intensity-modulated radiotherapy (IMRT) two to eight times faster than the IMRT in use in other Maine sites. This approach spares healthy tissue while effectively treating the tumor;

·       Stereotactic Radiation Treatment/Surgery, delivers a large, but precise radiation dose to a small tumor area and greatly reduces treatment times for some patients and helps protect healthy tissue surrounding the tumor;
·       Large Bore Computed Tomography, significantly improves patient comfort during the process of delineating tumors and treatment planning;

·       Frameless Radiotherapy, maintains precision in the treatment of brain tumors without the need for an invasive Stereotactic head frame (which requires a frame screwed into the skull to immobilize the head). Frameless radiotherapy has been shown to have levels of accuracy on par with the frame-based approach, but with less patient discomfort.