Kim Colbeth

When grammar school teacher Kim Colbeth was diagnosed with Leukemia two and a half years ago, she was ready to do whatever it took to get back to her life on Swan’s Island. “I was so sick – I basically said I would take anything you’ve got. Just make me feel better – I’ve got kids to raise,” says Kim.” Kim enrolled in a research trial at Eastern Maine Medical Center that was looking at the dosage and types of medicine used to treat her leukemia.

From the perspective of Kim Colbeth, born and raised on Swan’s Island where she lives, it’s no question her participation was worth it. Kim is beginning her 30th year teaching third, fourth, and fifth grade at the small island school. After many inpatient visits to EMMC, Kim is now on maintenance and doing well and back with her students.

“People asked me why I didn’t go to Boston for treatment, and I answer them that I knew I was getting the best care available, even experimental treatment not yet available outside the research setting, right here close to home.”