Cancer Research

An Era of Precision Medicine

Recent advances in the diagnosis of cancer and the development of new, targeted cancer treatments have greatly improved the survival and quality of life for individuals with these diseases. We have entered the era of ‘precision medicine’ which uses the genetic makeup and other characteristics of cancer to choose the most effective treatment for our individual patients.

New Roads to Treatment

For more than 40 years, EMMC’s research program has brought new and innovative cancer treatments to people here in Maine. Our cancer clinical trials program currently offers more than 70 clinical trials to serve the needs of our patients across a wide spectrum of ages, diseases, and stages of disease. 

Hub for Translational Research

Our program has recently become a hub for translational research. This is an approach that brings together scientists, doctors, patients, and the community, each contributing to the development of innovative treatments. EMMC’s Translational Research Laboratory and Biobank allow for the processing and storage of tissue samples that are used by scientists in Maine and beyond to conduct research.