Career Center

Welcome to EMMC’s Career Center. During your visit you will find engaging career opportunities, inspiring stories about our employees, our caring behaviors; why we are the Employer of Choice. We hope you enjoy your visit and are inspired to become part of our team.

EMMC employees are passionate about keeping patients safe, giving the highest quality care possible, respecting and caring for one another, and providing excellent service. EMMC employees understand that they make a difference every day for their patients and coworkers. Ours is a mission with opportunities for practical application every day; we care for patients, families, communities and one another.

EMMC is committed to providing the information and tools healthcare professionals need in order to make informed career decisions. We are happy to assist people of all ages and educational backgrounds with any inquires they may have in regards to their healthcare career decisions. EMMC also offers a variety of programs which helps individuals explore many options the medical field has to offer.

EMMC is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer