How Research Benefits the Community

In 2006, Eastern Maine Medical Center established the Clinical Research Center (CRC), a department fully devoted to supporting hospital staff in all phases of research, from testing new drugs to changing the way patients are cared for once they enter the hospital. Led by Director Barbara Sorondo, MD, MBA, the Clinical Research Center is an opportunity for a community medical center, long known for its excellence in patient care, to continue to develop best practices and discover possibilities to improve access to quality care at the local level.

According to Edward Harrow, MD, a physician at Penobscot Respiratory and a founder of the CRC, such a center has numerous benefits for the community, “A clinical research center helps to enhance the quality of care that patients receive by fostering a spirit of inquiry, reinforces the continual re-examination of practices and plans, and it also serves as a recruitment tool to bring new and stimulating health professionals to our institution.”

The EMMC Clinical Research Center is currently working on a variety of clinical trials, all with unique benefits to patients in our area, as well as across the nation. Patients taking part in these studies will gain access to drugs that have the potential to resolve their disease. Because of clinical trials, our community will be offered treatments that would not otherwise be available.

Other studies supported by the EMMC Clinical Research Center benefit the community by looking at whether new programs started at the hospital improve patient care. This results in evidence-based procedures, which ensure that we all receive the best care available. That, after all, is the ultimate goal of clinical research.