New Alzheimer’s Trials


Do you know someone struggling with Alzheimer’s Disease? Clifford Singer, MD, chief of Geriatric Services at Acadia Hospital, in collaboration with the EMMC Clinical Research Center, is conducting five new clinical trials for patients. Find out if one of these trials that focus on various stages of Alzheimer’s disease could benefit someone you know:
  • Mild Alzheimer’s Disease Dementia Study
    Evaluate the efficacy of the drug in 78 weeks with participants that have mild Alzheimer’s disease dementia. It is being developed for the modification of the clinical course of Alzheimer’s disease by slowing disease progression in patients. Contact: (207) 973-9013
  • Treatment of Agitation and Aggression in Alzheimer's Disease
    This study is to evaluate the efficacy of pimavanserin compared with placebo in treatment of agitation and aggression after 12 weeks of treatment. Contact: (207) 973-4263
  • Subjects With Evidence of Early Alzheimer's Disease
    For subjects with evidence of early Alzheimer’s disease, this protocol determines whether a treatment will slow down, arrest, or reverse cognitive and functional decline in subjects with evidence of early stages. Contact: (207) 973-9013
  • Evaluation of Imaging in the Brain of Patients With Alzheimer's Disease
    This study is looking at a new radiopharmaceutical compared to baseline that will evaluate the Tau burden on images on PET scan.  Patients will have a Tau PET scan at baseline, six, twelve, and eighteen months. Contact: (207) 973-7175

  • Imaging Dementia Evidence for Amyloid Scanning Study
    This study will assess the impact of amyloid PET on patient outcomes to decrease uncertainty and increase in the underlying cause of cognitive impairment, which will translate into earlier counseling and interventions in these domains. This trial is performed in accordance with the Center for Medicare Services (CMS) policy of Coverage with Evidence Development (CED) in Medicare beneficiaries for 12 months. Contact: (207) 973-7224