Connection to Nursing Negotiations

Deb Sanford and Ali WorsterThank you for visiting our Connection to Nursing Negotiations information page.

Every few years, Eastern Maine Medical Center meets with the MSNA/NNU for purposes of renewing the contract that governs the wages, benefits, and terms of employment for our nurses. Contract negotiations is a process, and the ultimate goal of this process is to ensure the terms of the contract uphold high quality care for our patients and offer a competitive package for our highly-skilled nurses. In order to continue to support Maine and our communities, we need to be flexible, available, affordable, and on the front lines of healthcare innovations.

Throughout the negotiation process, this page will provide details about the Medical Center’s proposals and the progress made during negotiations. We believe that it is best to be transparent about the requests the Medical Center is making, and the reasons behind those requests. It will also provide a forum for our valued employees and community members to ask questions. The resulting contract will govern our nurses’ employment for the next few years, so it is important staff remain engaged throughout this process. Please bookmark this page and return for information frequently.

We are focused on reaching a contract agreement that centers on our patients and is fair for both our nurses and our hospital. We strive to continue to create healthy, positive relationships with our employees and their union representation. We have watched nationally as hospitals and nurses have struggled to reach a contract, and are hopeful that we can be an example of how parties can work cooperatively to solve the difficult, but real, issues facing healthcare as an industry.

During these negotiations, Eastern Maine Medical Center nurses, staff, and leaders will remain focused on our patients and their families, the wellbeing of each other, and the health of our communities. History has shown us that our collective commitment to our mission will guide us toward a resolution. Our promise is to remain transparent and willing to work together to find creative solutions.

Thank you. To our nurses, to our employees, to our community – we look forward to working together to continue to advance care for our region.


Deb Sanford, MBA, MSN, RN, vice president of Nursing and Patient Care Services

Ali Worster, Esq., vice president of Human Resources Eastern Region - EMMC


Information on Nursing Negotiations

Information for upcoming Nursing Negotiations
  • August 29, 9.30 am start at the Sea Dog in Bangor 
  • September 13, 8am to 5:30pm at the Morgan Hill Event Center
  • September 14, 8am to 5:30pm at the Sea Dog in Bangor
Eastern Maine Medical Center welcomes media inquiries regarding nursing negotiations. For more information, please contact:

Phone: (207) 973-9530

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