Eastern Maine Inpatient Care (EMIC)

When your doctor's not there, you can trust Inpatient Care...

Your physician has referred you to Eastern Maine Inpatient Care (EMIC). During your stay at Eastern Maine Medical Center, a member of the Inpatient Care team, also called a hospitalist, will be responsible for your care.

EMIC is a group of more than 30 medical professionals trained in adult (“internal”) medicine and family medicine who are dedicated to your care while you are hospitalized at EMMC. Our hospitalists step in for your family doctor for the length of your hospital treatment. We keep you informed about what’s going on with your care, and report back to your family doctor when it’s time for you to go home. Our hospitalists see their patients for about a week in a row to minimize disruptions. EMIC providers are in the hospital 24 hours a day so we can promptly respond to the emergencies which sometimes arise.

Being in the hospital is stressful enough for you – you can rest easy knowing we will do everything we can to take very good care of you and get you home as quickly and safely as we can.

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For more information on the Hospitalist profession, please visit the Society of Hospital Medicine web site.