Mammogram Screening (Breast and Osteoporosis Center)

In a beautiful, light-filled setting, The Breast and Osteoporosis Center provides complete screening and diagnostic imaging for breast and bone. Fully certified radiographers and sonographers use mammography, ultrasound and bone densitometry to provide high quality pictures for assessment of breast and bone health. Smooth integration with EMMC's radiology, surgical, and oncology service allows for swift assessment and follow up if necessary. The Breast and Osteoporosis Center is a Center of Breast Imaging Excellence, as designated by the American College of Radiology. Complete services include:
  • Screening and diagnostic digital mammography with computer-aided detection
  • Breast ultrasound
  • Fine needle aspiration (removing fluid and cells with a needle for a pathologist's evaluation)
    • Many breast lumps are non-cancerous, fluid-filled cysts which can be resolved by simply draining off the fluid with a special needle. The procedure takes only a few minutes.
  • Stereotactic biopsy with digital imaging (nonsurgical method for retrieving a tissue sample)
    • This biopsy is accomplished without surgery using the stereotactic machine and the Mammotome system to excise small pieces of tissue for review by the pathologist.
  • Ultrasound guided core biopsies (non-surgical method for retrieving a tissue sample)
    • This biopsy is accomplished without surgery using a needle device to excise small pieces of tissue for review by the pathologist.
  • Localization for surgical biopsy (method for determining exact location of the area to be removed by surgical biopsy)
    • A radiologist places a needle in the breast to mark the exact site for biopsy. The surgeon then performs the biopsy in the operating suite using the needle as a guide. 
  • Genetic counseling for breast cancer risk assessment
  • Bone density testing
  • Breast Diagnostic Clinic (a comprehensive program of fast track assessment and diagnosis with Susan O’Connor, MD, medical director, Breast and Osteoporosis Center)
  • Osteoporosis Clinic (a program to help identify and care for patients at risk for osteoporosis with Liz Duke, FNP)
  • Prosthetics and Apparel Shop (appointment required)
  • Breast cancer research services through CancerCare of Maine
  • Caring Connections, a cooperative community education and support program between EMMC and the Bangor Y
Post Breast Surgery Fittings
EMMC’s certified mastectomy/orthotic fitter, Randa Shirland, CMOF, has been helping those in need of breast prostheses (full and partials), brassieres, swimwear, and apparel since 1987. This service is focused primarily on breast care patients and women who are having a hard time being fitted. Prescription orders are billed to a patient’s insurance company.

Fittings are by appointment only; please call 973-8500 to schedule.