Art Exhibit at EMMC Inspired by Thoreau


(Bangor, Maine) – A traveling exhibition of photographs that mark Maine locations visited by Henry David Thoreau is currently on display at EMMC. The show consists of black and white photographs by Bert Lincoln Call taken more than 120 years ago and features quotes from Thoreau’s “The Maine Woods.”
Thirty-five large scale museum quality images provide an extraordinary visual record of the North Woods near the turn of the century and highlight the early beginnings of the tourist industry in Maine.
“It’s calming and inspiring, and it creates a fantastic environment for patients and families,” says Elizabeth Kalogeris, senior administrative assistant, Patient Care Administration, who coordinated efforts to bring the show to EMMC.
Much of the prolific photographer’s work remained unseen during Bert Call’s lifetime. At age 97, he was visited by 22 year old Frank Spizuoco, a young man with aspirations of starting a local historical society. Bert was so impressed by Frank’s own passion that he handed him his photographic collection saying, “Here son. Go build yourself an historical society." Frank did just that over the course of his own life and honors Bert Call with this exhibit.
More than 4,000 negatives were reviewed before selecting 35 for display. These were then carefully restored and printed by renowned artist and photographer Todd Watts, a former New York native who lives in Maine.
The exhibition will remain in EMMC’s West Dining Room, on Grant Level 2 through August 2015. Visitors are encouraged to stop in between 6 am and 8 pm daily to view it.
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