EMMC’s CancerCare of Maine Makes Navigation Easy


EMMC’s CancerCare of Maine Makes Navigation Easy

Description: CancerCare of Maine Nurse NavigatorsNegotiating your way through a cancer diagnosis is not easy. Treatment plans are complex, and multiple appointments and other details can be difficult to manage, while patients struggle with the fears surrounding cancer. This month, EMMC’s CancerCare of Maine becomes the first in Maine to offer patients nurse navigators who will help patients coordinate appointments; manage their symptoms; understand information concerning their care; be present during appointments to help patients understand their options and care, and, eventually, make the exciting transition into survivorship.

Pat Manning, RN, BSN, OCN, CRNI, coordinates and manages CancerCare‘s seven registered nurses and five certified medical assistants that form the five Nurse Navigation teams. “Our navigators are flexible and have the ability to think outside of the box and respond to the individual needs of their patients. There is no ‘one size fits all.’  This is a dynamic group of individuals who are dedicated to our mission,” explains Pat.

When the program launches, each new patient will receive a call from their nurse navigator within 48 hours of being referred to CancerCare. During this call, the patient is able to ask any questions they have about their diagnosis or next steps. They’ll also be introduced to their care team, all focused on the patient and their family. Patients who have been part of a Nurse Navigator trial at CancerCare say the program is making a positive difference for them.  

(Photo) From left to right: Treasa Mooney, RN, OCN; Lee Bowden, RN, OCN; Jen Gasaway, RN, OCN (front); Janet Lavoie, RN, OCN; Michelle St. John, RN (front); Pat Manning, RN, OCN, CRNI; Calli Crandlemire, CMA (front); Toni Gerow, RN, OCN; Tanya Palmer, CMA. Not pictured are: Kathy Libby, CMA; Samantha Stefanko, CMA; and Kay Hunter, RN, ADN.