EMMC Continues to Respond to Changing Healthcare Environment


(Bangor, ME) – Eastern Maine Medical Center informed employees today of additional positions that have been identified for reduction in an effort to preserve services offered to the region and to improve the hospital’s financial performance.

These positions have been identified because we feel there are creative alternatives to surround the work, through reorganization or following other national models for specific types of care. Every effort will be made to transition these employees to positions currently open at EMMC.

EMMC, like many hospitals throughout the United States, must adjust to the current financial climate while continuing to provide high quality care to the patients of central, eastern, and northern Maine. Many factors play in to the hospital’s financial performance including continued declining reimbursement from Medicare and increased need for free care from uninsured patients who are unable to pay for care received at EMMC.

Eastern Maine Medical Center, as a member of EMHS, will continue to anticipate and respond to the changing healthcare environment with innovative ways to reduce costs and increase growth for the benefit of our community.

We encourage you to learn more about the changing realities in healthcare, and what these realities mean finanically for EMMC. To learn more, click here.