EMMC Engineering Internship Offers UMaine Students Hands-On Experience



Bangor, Maine — When you’re a university student, there’s nothing quite like gaining hands-on experience in your field to develop skills. Eastern Maine Medical Center Clinical Engineering, in conjunction with the University of Maine, recently began offering a hands-on internship to provide students with an opportunity to build experience alongside EMMC’s expert clinical engineering team.

The internship begins before selected students enter their junior year and continues through the start of their senior year. As the program moves forward, the interns transition each semester, alternating turns at EMMC and in the UMaine classroom.

“We have had connections with engineering students for many years, and we’re excited about taking it to another level,” says Ken Mitchell, director, EMMC Clinical Engineering, who has been collaborating with the university in various capacities over the past nine years. “It opens up new opportunities for research and development, all while giving students the chance to do meaningful work.”

Ken expects that many students who take part in the internship will return to EMMC upon graduation to pursue full-time positions within Clinical Engineering and health sciences.

“It’s an exciting opportunity to learn skills from hands-on experience,” says Kayla Marquis, a clinical engineering intern. “I’m really looking forward to applying what we have learned in the classroom to the world of medical devices.”

While Ken thanks EMMC leadership for championing and helping to fund the program, he gives a lot of credit to Ian Dickey, MD, P. Eng (HON), FRCSC, EMMC orthopedic surgeon and the chair of both the University of Maine Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences and Engineering and the undergraduate Bioengineering Program Advisory Board, for helping to get the initiative off the ground.

“My motivation always came from the idea that we have a world-class university just up the road from a tertiary care hospital,” says Dr. Dickey. “It’s a perfect situation to set up an incredibly intriguing co-op program for students.”


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