EMMC Patient Blood Management Program Draws International Attention


EMMC Patient Blood Management Program Draws International Attention

 (Bangor, Maine) – EMMC is proud to be the leading specialty medical center for the northern two thirds of Maine. We’re equally proud that our expert physicians are touching the lives of many more people by helping physicians from around the world develop and integrate high quality blood management programs in their hospitals.

This month we have two international visits scheduled. On Monday, September 17, EMMC’s Patient Blood Management Program is welcoming physicians and researchers from Western Australia. They’ll be in Bangor to learn how EMMC built, and then “hardwired,” one of the most renowned patient blood management programs in the United States. Then on September 24, Irwin Gross, MD, and his colleagues will welcome a team from Switzerland that is also interested in learning how to adapt EMMC’s Patient Blood Management Program to meet their own needs.

In 2007, EMMC began the state’s first comprehensive Patient Blood Management Program. Today, patient blood management is part of EMMC’s effort to provide patients with the safest, highest quality of care. Recognized nationally and internationally, EMMC’s Patient Blood Management Program aims to avoid a blood transfusion in every patient when possible, and limit exposure to transfused blood when a “bloodless” approach is not desirable or possible. Today, less than one percent of patients undergoing hip or knee surgery receive transfusions, compared to the national average, which is between 20 to 25 percent.