EMMC Recognized as Gold Star Champions by the Maine Tobacco Free Hospital Network


EMMC is celebrating its tenth year of being a tobacco free campus. In recognition of working to create tobacco-free environments and promoting tobacco-free lifestyles, EMMC has earned 10 of 10 stars in the Maine Tobacco Free Hospital Network’s Gold Star Standards of Excellence program, setting EMMC apart as a gold star champion.

The Maine Tobacco Free Hospital Network’s 10 Gold Star Standards of Excellence are as follows: Click here for more information.
  • The hospital campus is 100% tobacco-free.
  • Written policies and procedures that communicate and reinforce such policies.
  • Appropriate signage is posted at key locations including entrances to the grounds and buildings.
  • Information about tobacco use and treatment, secondhand smoke, and local and statewide resources are readily available to patients, staff, and visitors.
  • Advertising or promotion of tobacco products is not allowed on the hospital’s campus or satellite facilities.
  • Clinical services are available for any patient needing/desiring assistance for nicotine withdrawal symptoms and/or quitting, including evidence-based medications.
  • The hospital supports education and training on tobacco use and treatment for employees.
  • Tobacco treatment services are available for employees.
  • Hospital recommended lodging highlights smoke-free establishments.
  • The hospital refuses all donations from the tobacco industry, and divests itself of all tobacco company stock.
Please remember, if you are trying to quit tobacco and need support, feel free to contact the Maine Tobacco Helpline at 1-800 -207-1230.