EMMC Seminar to Focus on Removal of Excess Skin after Weight Loss


Significant weight loss is a tremendous achievement that can truly transform a person’s health and well-being. There can be a downside, however: lots of extra, loose skin that can cause health issues and prevent people from looking and feeling their best. On Tuesday, June 28, EMMC will hold a seminar to answer questions and provide more information on the topic, including a discussion of the options available to remove the extra skin.

“Some people choose weight loss surgery, and others lose the weight on their own,” says Benjamin Liliav, MD, a plastic surgeon at EMMC Plastic and Hand Surgical Specialists and the presenter at the seminar. “In either case, it can be frustrating to be so successful with losing the weight, but be left with all of that excess skin, which is not elastic enough to conform to a person’s smaller body. For many, body contouring, which eliminates loose skin in the arms, torso, thighs, and chest, is the final step in their weight loss journey.”

The seminar will cover the problems that can be caused by having excess skin, including rashes, infections, and the discomfort of carrying around several pounds of skin that is not needed.

The seminar will begin at 5:30 pm at the Hilton Garden Inn in Bangor. Registration is required by calling 973-9950 or by clicking here. Healthy appetizers will be served.