EMMC Staff Reunites with NICU Families


(Bangor, Maine) – What better way is there to celebrate children who had a rough start in life than by reuniting caregivers and families to share memories? Children will be running around, laughing, and playing when EMMC holds its annual NICU Reunion event on Sunday, May 4 from 2-4 pm in Mason Auditorium, located on EMMC’s State Street campus. Graduates of the Hilda C. Rosen Neonatal Intensive Care Unit will be back at EMMC to reunite with the staff who cared for them as infants.

This event brings families together with wonderful success stories of newborns who needed special medical attention in the beginning, and have grown healthy and strong. It’s a great way for these families to show their appreciation for the EMMC NICU staff’s hard work during their child’s first few fragile weeks or months.

This event involves a lot of laughter, hugs, and memories as caregivers at EMMC get reacquainted with the parents they got to know so well, and the babies who are now living strong and healthy lives.