EMMC Tree Removal during Emergency Department Drive Construction


Bangor, ME— EMMC is officially one week into the three-month electrical line and Emergency Department drive expansion construction project. In order to perform these much needed tasks, construction crews were forced to remove trees in close proximity to the construction zone to complete the project.

EMMC is working closely with a professional arborist. “We have tried our best to preserve all our trees, unfortunately a small handful would not survive construction and have to be removed,” says Joel Farley, MS, FACHE, facilities administrator. A total of eight trees will be removed in the next few weeks. “The trees we remove will be reused if we are able,” says Joel, “The large oak near the Emergency Department drive will be sent to a local lumber mill and turned into kiln dried planks for later use in renovations, construction, and plaques within Eastern Maine Medical Center.”

In place of the downed trees, EMMC has plans to plant 15 new white and red oak trees along State Street approximately 50 feet apart and hope they will be a beautiful addition to our campus and city and a positive addition to the environment.