EMMC and Nurses’ Union Back at Bargaining Table


(Bangor) - Negotiators for Eastern Maine Medical Center and the union that represents its staff nurses are back at the bargaining table today with a federal mediator and a liaison from Governor Baldacci’s office present. EMMC continues to be hopeful of reaching an agreement. The three main issues that separate the sides are:
  • mandated staffing ratios
  • health insurance
  • transfer and layoff/bumping language.
“Nurses have recourse daily on any staffing issues on their unit, and have access to staffing and other nursing specific hospital operations through the Professional Practice Committee,” explains Paul Bolin, EMMC employee relations director. “This committee was negotiated into the contract three years ago with the expressed purpose of providing a formal voice for nursing in nursing operations. While we cannot and will not agree to mandated staffing ratios in the contract, EMMC nurses do have input in the quality and safety of the care delivered to our patients, and we’re open to finding new, creative ways to enhance that input.”
EMMC is committed to providing high quality and safe healthcare to patients throughout central, eastern, and northern Maine. This is something we monitor and work to improve on daily basis. We’ve also long offered solid employment, good benefits, flexible schedules and a vast variety of jobs to the citizens of the surrounding communities. It is our intention to continue to be an employer of choice, as the economic and healthcare industry landscapes change.

Both parties will be back at the bargaining table on Wednesday, December 8, 2010.