EMMC's Emergency Department Upgrades Security Measures

EMMC’s Emergency Department to Use Metal Detector and X-Ray Machine


(Bangor, Maine) – EMMC has taken many precautions over the years to provide a safe environment for our patients, visitors, and staff. Starting Thursday November 29, EMMC will implement a security screening process that includes a walk-through metal detector for patients and visitors and an x-ray machine for items such as backpacks, purses, and packages entering the Emergency Department. Rest assured, patients presenting with a life threatening condition will receive immediate medical treatment.

“The addition of the metal detector and x-ray machine is another layer to our security and will help keep those within the Emergency Department safe,” says Steve Russell, manager of Security, Grounds, and Parking Services. “We are deploying the same type of equipment and security screening used at other hospitals, courthouses, and schools.” While EMMC has not seen an increase in dangerous objects being brought into the Emergency Department, this type of screening has become commonplace in many organizations, and it is our goal to meet, and exceed, people’s expectations that we are being as vigilant about their safety as we can be.

Patient care will not be affected, however patients and visitors will notice changes to the Emergency Department’s entry because of the need to accommodate the security