EMMC to Hold Educational Event on Pelvic Floor Disorders


Nearly one in three women will experience loss of bladder control, pelvic pressure, lower backache, difficult bowel movements, and other symptoms caused by pelvic floor disorders at some point in their lives. This common problem, the result of weakening pelvic muscles, is the topic of a free educational seminar being held by EMMC on Tuesday, February 11.

A woman’s pelvic floor is the group of muscles that form a sling, or hammock, across the opening of the pelvis. The pelvic floor helps keep pelvic organs in place. Pelvic floor disorders occur when the muscles become weak or injured. Other symptoms of pelvic floor disorders include bulging in the lower abdomen, painful intercourse, and chronic urinary tract infections.

Local physicians Lindsey Kerr, MD; Jean Larson, MD; Sophia Villanueva, MD; and physical therapist Teri Carr, PT will discuss signs and symptoms, treatment options, and answer questions about pelvic floor disorders.

The seminar begins at 5 pm at the Hilton Garden Inn in Bangor. Registration is required by calling 973-5259 or by visiting pelvicfloor.emmc.org. Dinner will be served.