Fifth Annual Celebration of Life


Everyone has known a loved one who has received the devastating diagnosis of cancer. The Katahdin area has been hit hard by many cases of cancer and it has touched many of our lives. The inspiration for this event, Bob Dyer, has been fighting this battle for nine years.  Two years is the life expectancy of a patient living with liver cancer. His strong will to continue to be a cancer survivor has been very motivating to many. We would like to create a special day of celebration for cancer survivors, their families, and their friends. This celebration of life will inspire you to touch the hearts of people in our community that have fought this battle and are winning! Cancer is fought with a lot of will power, faith, and hope.  Family and community support are also crucial in this battle.

So bring your families and join us on Saturday, February 28, 2009 for a fun day in Maine’s winter wonderland.

We have a lot to celebrate!