Granite for Fireplace in New EMMC Building Quarried in Addison by Maine Company


Bangor, Maine — Just as the team at Orland-based Freshwater Stone and Brick felt a level of pride in providing Maine-quarried stone for EMMC Cancer Care’s fireplace in 2009, they feel the same pride contributing granite to EMMC’s new building being constructed as part of the Modernization Project.
Freshwater Stone and Brick quarried the black granite in Addison, and according to owner Jeff Gammelin, the project has been something his team has really embraced, and invested a lot of time and effort.

“Being able to use Maine stone on a local project with Maine craftsmen, that’s what we work toward,” says Jeff. “We committed ourselves to doing stonework in our state, we have three quarries, and we like the idea of using Maine stone wherever we can. And to use it in a place like the hospital, it’s great. It’s just an honor.”
“The project engaged all facets of our company, from extracting the stone from the quarry, to running the raw blocks through our fabrication plant, to the craftsman's workshop for hand finishing, to the site for installation by our stone masons,” Jeff continues. “We had Maine workers at every stage of the process.”

Helen McKinnon, RN, MS, EMMC vice president of Support Services, believes that engaging local companies on the Modernization Project is important.

“We’ve had great success working with Freshwater Stone and Brick and the other Maine-based companies who have contributed to the project,” she says. “It’s great to keep the business as close to home as possible, and have those businesses take ownership of the project in the community.”

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