Husson Internal Medicine Achieves National Recognition for Quality Services


Bangor, ME – Husson Internal Medicine has just become the only primary care office in Maine to have its physicians receive accreditation under all three modules of quality improvement through the National Committee on Quality Assurance. The designation by NCQA, the nation’s leading authority on primary care quality assurance, amounts to “center of excellence” status for this primary care office.

Designations were achieved in diabetes management, heart/stroke, and physician practice connections. Physicians who achieve these recognitions show their peers, patients and others in the community that they are part of an elite group that is publicly recognized for its skill in providing the highest-level care.  These designations reflect the commitment of the staff and providers at Husson Internal Medicine to utilize information technology, such as the Electronic Medical Record’s ability to track quality indicators, to change practice process, and improve the quality of care provided to patients. 

“We’re proud that our clinicians are leading the quality charge in our state. Our patients should be reassured they are receiving the gold standard in care at Husson IM,” comments Iyad Sabbagh, MD. “Our patients with diabetes, for example,” Sabbagh continues, “receive routine checks at each visit on certain identified complication risk factors. Eye exams, foot checks, specific blood tests, etc. must happen routinely and consistently to minimize the occurrence of potentially dangerous complications.”

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