Introducing EMMC Rheumatology Specialists


(Brewer, Maine) – Eastern Maine Medical Center introduces a new practice, EMMC Rheumatology Specialists, now open on Level 3 of the Lafayette Family Cancer Center in Brewer. Two new providers, Crisostomo Rodrigo Baliog Jr., MD, and Priyanka Jalandhara, MD, are experts in caring for patients with rheumatoid arthritis, vasculitis, lupus, scleroderma, and many other connective tissue disorders.

 “There has been a great need for rheumatologists in northern, central, and Down East Maine,” says Allen L’Italien, RN, executive director, EMMC Cancer Care and EMMC Rheumatology Specialists. “We look forward to helping Mainers find relief from their symptoms with modern treatments available right here at EMMC.”

EMMC’s rheumatologists can help patients with chronic and rare diseases, and debilitating disorders live more comfortably and plan methods of treatment, while coordinating care with local physical therapists and nurse educators.

 “We are excited to offer musculoskeletal ultrasound, which helps us better diagnose and monitor conditions through imaging, as well as guided injection procedures,” says Dr. Baliog. “With all of our infusion treatments under one roof, patients with chronic conditions can receive convenient care all in one location and begin to feel more comfortable.”

EMMC Rheumatology Specialists is open for new patients with a referral. If you know someone struggling, suggest a referral from a primary care provider. To schedule a referral, call 973-9887.