Lafayette Family Cancer Center Ribbon Cutting and Ceremonial Grand Opening


(Bangor, ME) – There’s new help and hope for cancer patients and their families. The Lafayette Family Cancer Center will advance collaboration between physicians and clinicians at EMMC’s CancerCare of Maine, and the researchers and scientists at Maine Institute for Human Genetics and Health.

We invite you to see first-hand the state-of-the-art cancer center the people of Maine helped build.  Nearly a year and a half ago, EMMC and the institute embarked on a capital campaign to raise millions of dollars to better care for and treat the nearly 7,000 patients who turn to CancerCare of Maine for help.  What makes Lafayette Family Cancer Center so unique is that we are also supporting research into why our state has the highest incidence of cancer in the country.

What happened over the course of the Champion the Cure campaign is nothing short of amazing. Thousands of people opened their wallets and rolled up your sleeves to help make this new cancer center a reality. And while there is still important fundraising that is taking place we want to celebrate all of the hard that’s taken place to date.
The ribbon cutting for EMMC’s CancerCare of Maine and the Maine Institute for Human Genetics is Wednesday, December 2, 2009 at 4 pm at the Lafayette Family Cancer Center on Whiting Hill in Brewer.

Or, if you would prefer to cover the dedication ceremony to be held earlier in the day on Wednesday (from 1 – 3 pm), we can help arrange tours and interviews.

Please call Lanie Colson at 973-9621 or 356-0281.