New England Healthcare Engineers’ Society Recognizes EMMC Fire Protection Officer Randy Hussey


Randy Hussey, CHFM, CFPS, EMMC Fire Protection and Life Safety Officer, was recently honored for his work as a New England Healthcare Engineers’ Society Board Member and Research Chair.

The award was presented to Randy in recognition of his dedication and passion for healthcare. “I believe commitment, consistency, and hard work achieve positive results,” explains Randy. “My goal is to do the best I can to improve a patient’s healthcare environment and healing process through past lessons learned and research into new approaches.”

In giving the award, NEHES President Gary Valcourt, CHFM, CHSP, said at an October conference in Portland, “Healthcare institutions throughout New England see the fine work of our members every day. Today, we honor key individuals for their contributions.”

Randy has an Associate of Science in Civil Engineering Technology and a Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Engineering from the University of Maine. He is a certified fire protection specialist and certified healthcare engineer, and has practiced fire protection engineering for 28 years and healthcare engineering for 12 years at Eastern Maine Medical Center. He was the president of the Maine Health Care Engineers Society for two years and has served on the Board of Directors for the New England Healthcare Engineers Society for the past six years. Currently, Randy is on the Advocacy Committee for New England Healthcare Engineers’ Society.

The New England Healthcare Engineers' Society is a professional society for individuals responsible for the environment of care in the delivery of patient care. The society is affiliated with the American Society for Healthcare Engineering and consists of chapters throughout all six New England states.