Newly Renovated Procedure Room Opens at Vascular Care of Maine


(Bangor, ME) -- For the last several years, EMMC’s staff has worked hard to reduce the cost of healthcare and the need for hospitalization as much as possible. On Monday, May 23, EMMC’s Vascular Care of Maine celebrated the opening of a newly renovated procedure room that is doing just that.
The new room makes it possible for patients who suffer from painful varicose veins and others who need an arterial line removed to be treated without anesthesia and the need to be in the operating room, meaning the cost of care is lower.

“Over the last few years, we’ve been able to successfully reduce our cost by half,” explains Paul Kelley, office manager, Vascular Care of Maine. “In late 2008, radiofrequency ablation therapy to treat varicose veins cost about $11,000. Today, in the new procedure room, we’re able to use laser therapy to treat varicose veins on one leg at a cost of around $5300.”

Realizing the anticipation of surgery is unnerving for some patients, Ashley Robertson, MD, vascular internist, says the benefits of the new room offer more than just the cost savings. “We’re now able to do everything in the office which is safer and a lot less stressful.”