Positions Changes to Further Reduce Expenses at EMMC


As national debate focuses on the future of healthcare in America, our community members can rest assured that improvements are already underway at the ground level – where care is provided. 

At EMMC, much focus has been spent determining how we can respond best to the competing needs of today’s healthcare environment. Providers must live within the constraints of declining reimbursements, and at the same time make investments in quality improvements and patient safety. We need and want to retain our highly skilled staff while reducing the rising costs of delivering care. Through all of this we must remain focused on EMMC’s mission – to pursue excellence in patient safety, clinical quality, and service.

Over the past year, our employees have come together to identify opportunities for cost savings while maintaining the high level of care our patients deserve and expect. Through this process, employees, managers, administrators, physicians, and the executive team have identified ways to improve EMMC’s performance, including
  • Restructuring of some services and programs 
  • Identifying opportunities for new programs and services that will grow revenue 
  • Reduction of overtime hours 
  • Wage freeze and PEP plan change for management 
  • Reductions in management positions 
  • Careful examination of every request for new staff 
  • Identification of new or enhanced revenue opportunities 
  • Cost per case work to identify and eliminate  
  • Deferring of capital purchase and projects
This important work has helped to maintain employment and services in an economic climate that is demanding more be done with less, and has produced a total of $19 million in financial improvements in our upcoming fiscal year budget—in essence bringing us to  the “break even” point.
Preserving employment has remained a primary value we have embraced during these challenging times. However, as we continue planning for fiscal year 2010, it is clear that breaking even will not sustain the medical center’s operation, and further streamlining is needed in order to bring our costs in line with projected revenue. Today, we identified 16 positions which will be reduced in hours or eliminated within the next few weeks. We have notified most of these employees today, and will help them find appropriate positions at EMMC, or at another EMHS member organization, if possible. Of these 16 positions, we anticipate the following:
  • 9 will likely apply for and be offered an alternative vacant position within EMMC (one has already been reassigned)
  • One person’s full time position will become part time
  • Two have already chosen to take severance pay and have left EMMC
  • Four will be offered resume and job search coaching from EMMC’s Human Resources Department to aid in finding employment outside of EMMC.
These were not the first, nor will they be the last, difficult decisions needing to be made to ensure EMMC remains a strong resource for the communities we serve for years to come. As we move forward in pursuit of our mission, we will continue to keep the interests of our patients, our community, and some 3600 employees at the forefront of all we do.