Study Shows Shopping Carts Pose Potential Danger


Bangor, Maine – Shopping with children isn’t always easy, especially with the dangers and worry of potential injury of a child falling from a shopping cart. According to a recent study from Nationwide Children’s Hospital, published in the January issue of the Clinical Pediatrics journal, it’s estimated that more than 24,000 children a year are injured badly enough from shopping cart accidents to require a trip to the emergency room. EMMC pediatrician Michael Ross, MD, suggests parents exercise caution when placing children in shopping carts.  

“While we aren’t seeing the same injury rate as suggested in the study in our area, about every six months or so I see patients that have had a fall from a shopping cart related incident,” explains Dr. Ross, lead physician at EMMC Pediatric Medicine. While injuries are rarely significant, these falls can create a scary experience for the child and parents, and can often result in avoidable bumps and bruises.

It’s important for parents to remember that accidents can happen within seconds and to be mindful of children reaching for things or moving around while in a shopping cart. “The best advice I can give parents is simply that observation alone can prevent these types of falls. It’s especially important to be vigilant about watching infants in car seats that are placed in shopping carts,” Dr. Ross adds. Parents are also urged to use the shopping cart buckles provided by many area retailers, and to never be out of arm’s reach of a child who is in a shopping cart.

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