Teddy Bear Ailments Fixed at Clinic


A team of EMMC employees provided exceptional care to a number of teddy bears and other assorted stuffed animals during the Teddy Bear Clinic on June 3, 2008. Various stations were set up around the hospital to show kindergarten students from Glenburn firsthand what happens in the hospital.

"We hope this visit helps put them at ease in case they ever have to come into the ED," said Kara Taungatu'a, RN, Charge Nurse, Emergency Department. "Hopefully, they won't be as scared if they know what we look like."

Students had the opportunity to visit with staff around the hospital as well as see the inside of an ambulance. "It really was a team approach in setting up the event," explained Debi McCann, Clinical Supervisor, Cardiac Wellness. "We had involvement from the Emergency Department, Pediatrics, Cardiac Wellness of Maine, and the EMMC Volunteers."

The kids brought a variety of stuffed animals to be treated during the clinic. "My teddy bear has a broken arm," Brayden Gehan said. When asked how the teddy bear's arm broke, Brayden responded, "I don't know, I just noticed this morning."

Planning is underway to make this an annual event and invite other schools to participate.