Valuing Diversity at EMMC


Deborah Carey Johnson and Donna Russell-CookEastern Maine Medical Center (EMMC), as the area’s largest employer and provider of highly specialized healthcare, is looked upon as a leader. This is a responsibility and privilege we take to heart, and know that what we stand for matters both inside our walls and across the communities we serve. As one of the most diverse organizations in Maine, we have a unique and important opportunity to set the tone for inclusion, tolerance, and the promotion of diversity.

We routinely recruit healthcare professionals from our local communities, the United States, and across the globe. The result of recruiting the brightest minds to work at EMMC is a staff rich in ethnic and cultural diversity from Maine and beyond.

We understand that the President’s recent Executive Order regarding immigration is concerning to many. EMMC has a strong history of working with Maine legislators to assist with the international relocation of staff and their families when needed. Despite any political developments, we intend to continue our efforts and to strongly advocate for our employees when necessary.  

We will continually monitor political developments to determine how to best support our international employees and their families. We will also review our policies to ensure our commitment to supporting one another and standing up for diversity and inclusion is well represented. We are extremely grateful for our competent and compassionate team, who is committed to supporting our patient care mission. Thank you for joining us in acknowledging and valuing the significant benefits of diversity and inclusion at EMMC.

Thank you,

Deborah Carey Johnson, RN, CEO

Donna Russell-Cook, FACHE, President