Young Cancer Patient Helps to Give Back to Community


Six-year old Jonathon Mullis looks like any other boy his age, except for the bandana he wears hiding the effects of chemotherapy. A year ago the Mullis family from Dover-Foxcroft never would have dreamed their oldest child would be fighting brain cancer. Last January it seemed Jonathon had come down with a nasty case of the stomach flu – a flu that wouldn’t go away. His parents, Brian and Liz, took him for a series of tests over the next three months to figure out what was causing Jonathon to be so sick - the tests could find nothing wrong.

“Jonathon came into my bedroom on the morning of April fourth and asked why he saw two sets of numbers on my clock,” recalls Jonathon’s mom Liz. Within the hour, she had him at the hospital having a CAT scan, and by the end of that day, Jonathon was taken by ambulance to EMMC where he had brain surgery to remove a five centimeter tumor. “It all happened so fast we didn’t have time to really process the gravity of the situation – I mean one day we didn’t know what was wrong, and the next day we’re telling people Jonathon  had cancer,” shares Liz. Jonathon successfully completed 31 days of radiation over the summer and is currently receiving chemotherapy. “He loves the medical center, the nurses – especially Amy Jones, and the doctors, he’s completely comfortable here and doesn’t mind coming for treatments, we are so incredibly lucky to have EMMC in our own backyard,” smiles Liz.

The Mullis family has felt well supported from their new EMMC family as well as from their community. That’s why when one of their friends wanted to arrange a motorcycle ride to benefit Jonathon they asked him to donate the money to the Children’s Miracle Network. “We aren’t rich by any means, but we can pay our bills. We know there are many families out there who can’t, and Jonathon wanted to donate the money to make sure other kids can have the care they need,” explains Liz. With that inspiration, family friend Bill Goodman organized a 175 mile motorcycle ride with 150 bikers to raise more than $1,700 for CMN. “Can you think of a better cause to support, this is just the beginning I want to build on this and make an even great donation next year,” says Bill. Nancy Dysart, director Children’s Miracle Network, says “This is what CMN is all about, families helping families. It’s meeting families like the Mullis’s that make my job worthwhile.”