EMMC Non Surgical Weight Loss

EMMC Non Surgical Weight Loss (formerly Bariatric Medicine) is a specialized bariatric program designed to safely jump start your weight loss and empower you with the tools to maintain it. Weight control is a medical concern. It may take a specialized physician, a bariatrician, to help patients control weight and avoid the medical complications that often accompany overweight conditions. Bariatricians have advanced education and experience in the art and science of weight management.
We will guide you through a four-phase weight loss plan, beginning with rapid initial weight loss and gradually transitioning to a healthy, balanced, maintenance diet. This medically-monitored and physician-supervised program teaches you essential skills to achieve and maintain a healthier weight, and offers ongoing personal support and education.
Our psychologists offer psychological evaluation and counseling to the patients who may need help to overcome an eating disorder or emotional issues, or separate food from the stress of daily life. If you are interested in learning more about mindful eating, review this helpful video.
EMMC is one of only a few bariatric centers to offer not only a multidisciplinary surgical weight loss program, but also a non-surgical, physician-supervised weight loss program for those who do not qualify for the surgical procedures. If you qualify for and would like to pursue surgery, EMMC offers surgical options to meet your needs. EMMC is the nation's only epicenter for robotic general and bariatric surgery, which means that surgeons from around the nation and beyond come to our hospital to learn the latest weight loss techniques from our surgeons.