Vaccine Policy

Here at EMMC Pediatric Medicine, we are committed to help keeping your child safe and healthy. Part of the way we accomplish this goal is through the childhood vaccine program (baby shots). We are firmly convinced that the shots we give are safe and work well to prevent disease. We have reviewed the data and are very comfortable following the vaccine schedule as written. We believe that giving your child their shots on time is one of the best ways we can work together to keep your child healthy and prevent deadly diseases.

With very rare exceptions, all infants and children can receive all their shots on time without affecting how well they respond to the vaccine or how well their body can tolerate them. If you believe your child is one of the very rare children who cannot follow the vaccine schedule as written, we encourage you to bring these concerns to your child's provider. We believe that delaying shots puts children at risk of getting life threatening diseases.

Our office strongly encourages children to receive a yearly flu vaccine starting at 6 months of age.

Vaccine Fact Sheets