Breast Reconstruction


Breast reconstruction helps to restore the look and feel of one or both breasts following a mastectomy or other trauma. It can be performed at the time of mastectomy or at a later date.

Due to the Women's Health and Cancer Rights Act, Federal law requires most group insurance plans that cover mastectomies to also cover breast reconstruction. This means that mastectomy benefits must cover surgery and reconstruction of the breasts, any external breast prosthesis, as well as any physical complication at all stages of mastectomy.

Flap reconstruction and implant based reconstruction are the most common breast reconstruction procedures. Flap reconstruction involves using tissue from other parts of the body to create a new breast, while implant reconstruction uses breast implants to form a new breast mound. Learn more about breast reconstruction here.

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Autologous Based Reconstruction:
We also provide breast augmentation and other services. Click here for more information.