Pelvic Floor Surgery

You don’t need to live with the loss of bladder control, pelvic pressure, lower backache, painful intercourse, and chronic urinary tract infections that can be caused by pelvic floor disorder. Some women control their symptoms through diet, exercise, and other lifestyle changes. Other women seek treatment with a physical therapist that has special training in treating pelvic floor disorders. When other techniques have not relieved symptoms, robotic surgery may be an option.

EMMC offers the following pelvic floor disorder surgeries with the assistance of the robot:

·        Incontinence Surgery
·        Suspensions of the Vagina

EMMC's robotically trained pelvic floor surgeons are:

Tracey Hughes, MD
EMMC Gynecology Associates, (207)973-5200

Lindsay Kerr, MD
EMMC Urologic Surgery of Maine, (207)947-0469

M. Sophia Villanueva, MD