Surgical Weight Loss Pharmacists

EMMC Surgical Weight Loss has partnered with pharmacists for years to help us with medication management for patients undergoing gastric bypass surgery. Tthey make recommendations before surgery that go to the patient's primary care provider and the bariatric surgeon. This can help us to look at medications that may need to be altered due to the new gastric bypass anatomy, such as extended release medications or others that have a side effect of weight gain.

Our pharmacists include:

Mark_Basile_PharmD.jpgMark Basile, PharmD
Clinical Pharmacist Generalist Mark Basile joined Eastern Maine Medical Center in 2017. He received his doctoral degree in pharmacy from the University of Connecticut. He completed his post-graduate year one residency at Eastern Maine Medical Center and now continues to work here full-time as a staff pharmacist. He hopes to soon pursue board certification in pharmacotherapy. Outside of work, he prefers to spend his time outside enjoying golfing, skiing, and most of all hiking.