Jeremy’s Weight Loss Success Story

At 461 pounds, I ate what I wanted and believed that I was healthy and content. I was always active at my heaviest weight, participating in events with my students, hiking, and running, but I was hurting. Every day was a challenge to get going, tie my shoes, and find clothes that fit. Looking back, I know that I was not happy, but I masked my sadness with self-deprecating humor, which included calling attention to my size before anyone else did.
Coming to terms with the reality that I was not living a healthy lifestyle took some convincing. I went through a series of surgeries and had some huge setbacks that caused me to re-evaluate my life. The suggestion of weight loss surgery kept coming up, but I was too stubborn to accept the fact that I was one of “those people.” But I was trapped in a body that was not meant for me, and everything I was doing made me heavier and less happy every day. I had goals that I could not reach at this size and weight. I had to make a change.
My life did change on November 7, 2011, when I went in for gastric bypass surgery with Dr. Michelle Toder, though everything was not rainbows and sunshine leading up to that date. At first, I did not take the prerequisites of the program seriously. I was told many times that Dr. Toder would pull the plug on my surgery if she did not see any progress, so she challenged me to lose weight, and get a glimpse into what my life could begin to look like. I did not want to run the risk of being dropped from this life-changing program, so I took steps to prepare and lost 41 pounds during the three months before surgery.
I am proof that with hard work and determination, you can change your stubborn ways. I have a lot of flaws, but unlike when I was in denial about my issues, I am willing to face them. Being active helps me reach my goals. Now, I am an avid cyclist, competing in 100- to 300-mile races. I run 5K races for charity, play soccer, and mountain bike. This winter, I will cross-country ski and ice skate.
My life goals go beyond just my weight. I want to be a better person because of the life that has been given back to me. I take great joy in supporting others who have had weight loss surgery and I love that I can offer support during my friends’ struggles and champion their successes with weight management.
My weight loss numbers are something to be proud of, but what is more important is what it feels like to have a whole new body. It is incredible to think that my total weight loss is greater than my entire body size now. At 216 pounds, I have lost 245 pounds total.
Being part of EMMC’s weight loss surgery program offers me the challenge to succeed. Challenge yourself to make this change and see it through. I will race you to the finish line.

Jeremy cycled more than 1,412 miles for charity in 2013 and raised more than $6,000 dollars for charity in the Dempsey Challenge, two Tours de Cure, EMMC Champion the Cure Challenge, Ride Aroostook, MS Ride in Bar Harbor, and more.