Patty's Weight Loss Success Story

Patty_Surgical_Weight_Loss_Success_EMMC.jpgAs a hair stylist on my feet all the time, it became increasingly hard on my joints to carry over 100 pounds of extra weight. After trying many weight loss programs without success, I watched a friend go through EMMC’s Surgical Weight Loss program, and decided to look into it for myself. Through the information session and educational binder, I learned about the types of surgery, and became interested in the surgical option with the least anatomical change and the most benefit. I decided on the sleeve gastrectomy, which removes a portion of the stomach to restrict the space available for food, and affects the hormones to make you feel less hungry.

After fulfilling the requirements of the program, in February 2014, I had surgery performed by Fariba Dayhim, MD, FACS, bariatric surgeon, EMMC Surgical Weight Loss and EMMC Northeast Surgery. At that time, I weighed 255 pounds.

The laparoscopic procedure was a success. There were no complications and in the following days, I experienced no pain. I was able to get back to work a few weeks later and began to have more energy.  I was able to mow the lawn and accomplish other household chores without discomfort or pain. I joined a boot camp to build stamina and muscle tone and I am now in better shape at 52 than I was in my 30s. I am now maintaining a weight of 155 pounds, and I look and feel better.  I am more full of life, and more confident than ever.