Building remarkable, brick by brick.


_Y3I6925-Edit2.jpgFor more than a century, EMMC has strived to meet the changing needs of our community. As healthcare technology has advanced, patient expectations have changed, and our community has grown, EMMC has always carefully considered how it too needs to adapt. Our facility has expanded from a single-family home on the banks of the Penobscot River to a multi-building campus housing some of the most advanced healthcare services, not just in Maine, but in the entire country.

EMMC is preparing for the future of healthcare in our region and how we will need to adapt and grow to meet the community's needs. This project will enhance collaboration and shared resources with regional healthcare providers to bring the highest quality medical care to the people we serve.

An Aging Population
Maine currently has one of the oldest populations in the nation, and the need for chronic illnesses care is projected to increase. With new technology, standards in patient care, and advances in patient safety, it has become clear that EMMC’s current space will not meet the community's healthcare needs in the future.

Critical Access
Many of Maine’s smaller, rural hospitals are “critical access” hospitals, meaning they can only care for patients for a limited amount of time before transferring them to larger hospitals. As the provider of services not found anywhere else in the region, EMMC cares for a large number of these patients, many of whom are very sick and in need to extended care.

Modern Technology
EMMC is home to some of the nation’s most talented surgeons, yet our operating rooms, built more than 30 years ago, need to be revamped to support advancements in medicine both now and in the future. As healthcare technology continues to evolve, we must have the facilities to be able to offer the latest treatment options and methods to our patients.